7 Hilariously Weird Things for Sale on Amazon

The fastest company in history to reach $100 billion in sales, Amazon is a money-making giant with the world’s most diverse product line. Don’t believe us? These seven bizarre products show just how far the online retail giant will go to make a buck.

Pre-soiled Gush Pants

Tired of having to put in all that effort to get that coveted soiled pants look? For just $23.95, Amazon will send you a comfortable pair of pre-soiled pants without the unpleasant smell.


5-pound Human Body Fat Replica

Do traditional stress balls barely make a dent in your anxiety? Spend a few minutes squeezing this five-pound piece of replicated human body fat, and feel the tension melt away.


Mouth Muscle Tightener

Unhappy with the strength of your pathetic child-like mouth? Add some muscle to your jaw, while slimming your face with this very comfortable-looking beautification gadget.


Old Asian Businessman Wall Mural

Let’s face it. Your boring home decor is missing something. Contemporary furniture? Don’t be ridiculous. You need this wall mural of an old Asian businessman for just $27.99!


Nicolas Cage Pillowcase

If you’re like most people, you freakin love Nic Cage. Just imagine being able to tell your friends you go to bed with the Hollywood superstar every single night! Thanks to Amazon, you don’t have to imagine, but you can dream about riding white horses in a golden meadow with this one-of-a-kind film legend


Dancing with Cats

From the creators of the international best seller “Why Cats Paint,” this inspiring collection includes photographs of people and cats engaging in their favorite dance routines. Learn how to cut a rug with your cat, or stash the book on your coffee table and watch your guests flee your home in horror.

By Paul A. Achoa (27 Posts)

Paul A. Achoa is KingofHowTo.com's Editor and Health and Fitness expert.