These days, young people don't seem to appreciate the value of an education, and when they enter the work force, many have no other choice but to take sales jobs that pay based on commission. Although there are some reputable sales positions out there for those who know how to sell; a large portion of these jobs employ deceptive business models that take advantage of their so-called employees. If you've been thinking of trying to sell knives for Vector Marketing, you should know that there are numerous complaints regarding a Cutco scam.

What is it?

Formerly known as the Alcas Corporation, this cutlery company is owned by Vector Marketing, which specializes in manufacturing kitchen knives. Although the company is relatively successful selling its cutlery, the Cutco scam offers Vector Marketing a great way to make extra money by luring people into an employment opportunity that rarely proves profitable.

How it works

To make money working for Vector Marketing, you must sell knives to consumers, working door-to-door, over the phone or by unloading the product onto sympathetic friends and family members. If you're a good salesman, you might be able to make this work; unfortunately, to do so, you'll need to first pay the company hundreds of dollars for the cutlery, which you will not get back if you ultimately prove unsuccessful.

How the company profits

In many ways, Vector Marketing is in an ideal position to profit from this arrangement. If the employee actually sells the cutlery, the company makes a profit, while paying out a small commission. If he or she doesn't, the company makes a profit off the employee's initial investment. More often than not, the company profits both ways, thanks to sympathetic family members and acquaintances who offer to buy the products to help the seller avoid shame.

Final words

There are some who claim the Cutco scam is really a legitimate opportunity, and I'll admit that talented salespeople may in fact be able to make the process work. That said, if you can sell knives door-to-door, you should probably be working for a better organization. Be aware that many accuse Vector Marketing of placing false reviews on the Internet aimed at improving the company's reputation; so consider this when evaluating the operation based on anonymous reviews.

If you're a young person desperate for employment, you can find better opportunities searching for sales jobs at an employment site, such as Monster or SnagaJob. Whatever you decide to do, be sure you only apply to reputable organizations that do not require you to put up any form of upfront monetary investment.