is a jobsite that claims to help people 'snag a Job.' However, there are online reviews reporting more than one Snagajob scam. Before you sign up, know what to expect, or you could end up getting ripped-off by an unscrupulous con-artist.

How does work?

Like most every other jobsite, Snag A Job is set up to help people connect with local employers by allowing each party to upload openings and profiles. The platform allows users to easily apply for new positions by uploading their resumes and portfolios. This also makes it easier for employers to find qualified candidates by browsing through the site's reservoir of existing applicants.

Is Snagajob legit?

Like and, this jobsite provides a wide range of career types, from warehouse-based inventory positions to high-profile, white-collar careers requiring significant experience and varying degrees. Unfortunately, it also posts a lot of questionable positions, such as paid survey writers and secret shoppers. Most of these positions don't pay what they promise and many require applicants to post upfront deposits or fees for instructional packages.

Additionally, according to the Privacy Policy, the company willingly provides member contact information to third-party organizations that send advertisements based on site activity.


Overall, Snag A Job appears to be a legitimate resource for people who are savvy enough to recognize potential rip offs. Although there are multiple online reviews that refer to a Snagajob scam, most of these complaints are centered on companies that use the platform to post legal, albeit deceptive employment opportunities.

If you want to use this jobsite to find career opportunities, be sure to apply only for positions posted by reputable companies. Additionally, you can cope with unwanted email advertisements by adjusting your profile so you will receive the type of offerings that fit your interests. You can also use a secondary e-mail address to sign up, so you won't have to deal with clutter in your usual email box.