The struggling economy has left millions of Americans searching for employment, and many have had no other choice but to scour the Internet looking for ways to make money online. Unfortunately, a lot of companies have taken aim at profiting from these desperate individuals by offering telecommuting jobs that ultimately prove to be nothing but rip-offs. One company, called ValuedOpinions, purports to offer people the chance to earn cash by filling out surveys. Unfortunately, there are a lot of complaints regarding a Valued Opinions scam. Before signing up, read this work from home rip-off review.

Who are they?

Owned by ResearchNow Ltd., is an Internet survey company available in over 20 countries in 15 different languages. Businesses use the site to gather information about consumer attitudes toward their services and products. The company offers to pay members approximately $2 to $5 per completed "qualified" survey, with the promise of the occasional high-paying survey of around $50.

Is it legitimate?

If you choose to work from home completing surveys for ValuedOpinions, you can expect to earn some money; however, most people complain that the pay averages out to around $6 to $7.50 per hour. Current and former members complain that the tedious nature of each task makes the process far lengthier than the company estimates; and many also complain that technical errors often lead survey projects to irrevocably crash, leading to lost data and wasted work. A simple Google search also reveals numerous complaints regarding more than one Valued Opinions scam, where the company refuses to issue payment due to unfair technicalities.

The final verdict

Most every online paid survey company makes bold claims regarding payouts; however, they almost always over-estimate the actual amount members can earn. ValuedOpinions appears to share all the traits of your average paid survey company. It also looks to have a few more issues that make it especially deceptive.

Many members complain that the company's tracking software comes with malicious spyware and adware programs that slow down computers and potentially leave private data exposed to marketing companies and other unidentified entities.

My negative Valued Opinions review is based on the low rate of pay and the prevalence of online complaints regarding deceptive practices. In the end, if you are forced to work from home, you can find better opportunities at an employment site, such as SnagaJob. That said, if you need money in a hurry and feel a minimum wage salary can help you make ends meet, I'd suggest a reputable program, such as Amazon's Mechanical Turk.