These days, busy schedules have made it difficult for men and women to connect, and many are now using popular websites to find their sole mates. Unfortunately, numerous companies have positioned themselves to take advantage of the natural desire to couple. One particular site called Mate 1 admits to hiring women to "communicate" with male members. Before signing up, learn more about what many are calling a Mate1 scam, which is actually a legal practice used by many free dating sites.

Online Reviews

The fact that Mate 1 allows women to join for free is a clear indication that the site has more male members than female ones, which is a common problem with free dating sites. That said, there are numerous online complaints regarding a potential Mate1 scam in which some accuse the company of paying women, which it calls "online ambassadors," to answer emails. According to some former members, this is an attempt to bait male members along; so they'll keep renewing their membership every month.

Problems for women

Many women have complained that they've been dog-piled by sleazy messages the moment they joined the site, with some even claiming that somehow fails to protect their privacy, allowing men to contact them outside the platform. While free dating sites do tend to attract men looking more for physical relationships than long-term commitments, the reason women may end up getting contacted outside the dating site platform is probably because many use the same username on their dating profile as the ones they use for instant messenger services, such as AOL and yahoo.

Mate1 admits to hiring women

Dating sites usually have a difficult time getting enough female members to satisfy the demand of their male members; and, typically, this can cause customer retention to fall. To combat this sort of abandonment, many sites actively recruit female members by allowing them to participate for free.

Such is the case, with Mate 1; however, the company openly admits it doesn't stop there. In its terms of service, this dating site freely reveals that it does in fact hire women to encourage the "active participation" of male members on the site. Although it posts several reasons why it does this; it clearly states that each of these "employees" is allowed to communicate at her "sole discretion." This means these so-called ambassadors are legally allowed to pretend to be members looking for relationships, which would obviously benefit Mate1 by helping to keep male members from canceling their accounts.

What consumers should know

In the end, consumers should be wary of any site that charges one member of the opposite sex but not the other; as this is typically a clear sign that it is unable to successfully recruit an adequate female membership.