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Funny Comparisons - Barry Bonds vs Lindsay Lohan

By Sarah McDaniels Entertainment Expert

Thanks mostly to their own doing, two notable falling stars have experienced relatively hard times of late. For lying to a federal grand jury, former Major League Baseball slugger Barry Bonds was sentenced to two years of probation, 30 days of home confinement and more than 200 hours of community service. Actress Lindsay Lohan has also been in and out of court for a long list of criminal conduct; and according to most reports, her Playboy Pictures haven't gained the attention of consumers, who aren't exactly lining up to buy the magazine featuring her Marilyn Monroe-inspired spread.

Years ago, Bonds was adored by San Francisco Giants fans, as he chased Mark McGuire's season homerun record and Hank Aaron's career mark; however, steroid allegations ultimately overshadowed his accomplishments. Eventually, the U.S. government filed charges against the former Major Leaguer, though he was able to side-step much of their claims. In the end, his career was tarnished by his admission that he did in fact use steroids; and now, few expect the all-time homerun leader to make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Lindsey Lohan saw a similar decline. As an adolescent, she gained notoriety for starring in films, such as The Parent Trap and Mean Girls. Unfortunately, as she attempted to make her way into adulthood, she appeared to fall into drug addiction; and legal troubles ultimately pushed her image in the wrong direction. After suffering several setbacks, many suspected the former Disney star might be having financial troubles due to her alleged pricey drug habits. Ultimately, her decision to pose for Playboy Magazine only served to encourage these suspicions; and now it appears unlikely that she will ever be able to secure the high-profile roles she once seemed destined for.

Once high-end celebrities, these two have now become the subject of late night jokes and popular culture humor. Inspired by the curious parallels between the two, we thought it might be fun to match these opposites in one of our humorous comparable features.

Barry Bonds Lindsay Lohan
Formerly a cute child star no yes
Declining Fame yes yes
Body changes owed to drug use yes yes
Back acne yes no
Ankle bracelets yes yes
Caught stealing yes yes
Allowed to walk far too often yes yes
Gets away with things that would put ordinary people behind bars yes yes
Angry at the world yes yes
Bright future ahead no no

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