There are all sorts of cannibal stories; however, rarely do any of them come with evidence supporting the claims. According to a recent report, there is now. In an apparent attempt to gain notoriety, a pair of Dutch television hosts decided to eat human meat on live TV.

Valerio Zeno and Dennis Storm allowed a surgeon to extract prime portions of the muscle tissue within their abdomen and buttocks, according to advice from a local butcher, who promised that these two regions would host the tastiest cuts.

Once the human meat was freed and the patients were stitched up, a chef fried the cutlets and served them to the hosts with a little asparagus on the side.

Although some consider the pair's claims to be as questionable as other cannibal stories; the two swear they did in fact eat human flesh, and Zeno even showed a reporter the stitched wound where the meat was supposedly extracted.

So, what does human flesh taste like? According to Zeno, it tastes a little like a rubber tire. On the other hand, Storm said his meat tasted more like Kobe beef, because - as he said - he takes proper care of his body.

While most agree that the stunt was in poor taste, some actually wondered if the two had inadvertently broken the law. In most circumstances, it's illegal to eat human meat in the Netherlands; however, according to a regional legal expert, eating human meat is only illegal if the act is judged to violate common decency or involves some form of maltreatment.

Want to see the Dutch hosts engage in cannibalism? Look no further than the following video clip: