In its annual special ranking the most humorous television advertisements, Turner Broadcasting System selected ads featuring cats, George Clooney and human breath as the top three funniest of 2011. You'll find all three funny commercial videos embedded below, thanks to YouTube and the respective product manufacturers.

Humor has long been used to sell products; however, lately it's become a staple of the advertising industry, which has found itself forced to cope with DVRs, which allow viewers to fast-forward through television ads.

TBS put together a top ten list of funny commercial videos, featuring everything from Sasquatch to a small pug possessing unimaginable strength; however, ultimately, it selected three particular ones as its favorites.

Third place

Coming in third was an ad for Vigorsol gum, which focused on a pair of long-distance lovers suffering from loneliness. Ultimately, the man chews a peace of the gum and exhales his breath into a bottle. When she finally opens it, the breath is so strong; it blows her facial skin back in a comical way and strips the feathers from her pet parrot.

Second place

Ranking second was a commercial promoting the Norwegian bank DnB NOR, which featured a woman who wakes up hung over after an apparent black out owed to heavy drinking. Based on the fact that she is wearing a wedding dress, she begins to suspect that she might have gotten married in the midst of her stupor and falls into a panic before realizing that she has somehow landed actor George Clooney.

First place

Finally, ranking number one was an ad focused on the terror of cats with opposable thumbs. You can find each funny video clip embedded below.