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Getting Noticed for Jobs in My Area

By Nathaniel Hutchinson Business and Financial Expert


When employment opportunities show up in newspapers or on job search engines, competition can be intense; and many qualified applicants are left asking, how can I stand out when jobs in my area come open?

People who specialize in career coaching and job hunting techniques are often asked how successful candidates get noticed, especially if there's a pile of similar applications sitting on the employer's desk. Surprisingly, many experts now say the best strategy is to show employers what you look like.

Arousing interest from employers in my area

According to Miriam Salpeter, an author who specializes in career coaching and job hunting techniques, employers generally like seeing pictures of applicants. Unfortunately, many candidates who create profile pictures end up making common mistakes that actually hurt their chances. To get noticed for jobs in your area, Salpeter recommends the following.

Look approachable and friendly

Often, when inexperienced people attempt to take a serious photograph, they forget to smile. The resulting image tends to lack any sort of personality, or makes the candidate appear inaccessible or mean. After you take the photograph, look at the image and ask yourself: "Will this image ultimately help me get jobs in my area?" According to Salpeter, if you can't see others wanting to have lunch with the person in the pictures, the answer is probably, "no."

Appear natural

According to Salpeter, a profile picture should reflect how a applicant looks on a good day; however, when someone looks at it, they should be able to focus on the candidate without being distracted by a loud tie, jewelry, an unbuttoned shirt, or too much makeup.

Leave it to professionals

If you can afford it, Salpeter recommends that you hire a professional photographer to take your picture. If you choose to do it yourself, at the very least, he stresses that you ensure that no part of the image is blurry or dark; as this tends to get worse once images are uploaded and resized.

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