The never-ending quest to eliminate unwanted fat around the midsection has left many dieters desperate for answers; and there are all sorts of unscrupulous companies selling odd contraptions and fad gimmicks that take advantage of unwitting consumers. If you've watched television lately, you may have seen an infomercial hawking an abdominal machine that claims to help eliminate love handles; however, there are a lot of Ab Circle Pro reviews exposing the product as little more than a scam.

What they claim

For six payments of $24.95 or one lump sum of $149.75 (plus $34.50 for shipping and handling), consumers can acquire an odd-looking machine that will supposedly help them get a flatter stomach. The manufacturer also claims the product can help slim the hips, thighs and buns; however, it's careful to state that this is only possible with the help of a reduced-calorie diet and consistent aerobic exercise.

What users say

A quick online search reveals all sorts of Ab Circle Pro reviews complaining that the device requires an unnatural rotation that's hard on the back and knees, with some claiming they've had to seek medical help to address potential injuries. Many have also complained that the rollers tend to wear flat and stop functioning after a small amount of use, while others say the paint begins to flake off within only a few days.

The final verdict

The potential dangers associated with diet supplements, such as HydroxyCut and Lipo6, have led many to gravitate toward fad abdominal exercise products. Unfortunately, these typically end up collecting dust in closets after a short while. The only way to lose weight on your stomach or thighs is to create a caloric deficit by eating less and performing aerobic exercises.

My Ab Circle Pro review is negative based on the prevalence of online complaints and the obvious deceptive marketing strategies used by the manufacturer. Instead of spending money on gimmicks that won't yield results, you should make long-term lifestyle changes centered on movement and healthy eating. If you are interested in safe, effective ways to drop weight, read this article explaining how to lose belly fat quickly.

Although there are a lot of online posts regarding an Ab Circle pro scam; in reality, the manufacturer doesn't necessarily lie to consumers. What it does appear to do is play on their desire for quick, easy results. Unfortunately, there's no silver bullet to targeted weight loss - something to consider when evaluating any sort of "as seen on T.V." weight loss product.