Browse through most any bodybuilding forum and you'll see endless posts from people who claim they know how to build biceps fast. In reality, their techniques are usually successful because they either have fantastic genes or supplement programs that include steroids. Unfortunately, humans are held hostage by their genetic makeups. If you consistently struggle to add mass to your arms, traditional methods may not yield results.

Traditional thinking

If you've spent any time in the gym, you've heard the trusted adage, "more weight, less reps." While this strategy does tend to build mass better in most cases, it isn't a great fit for everyone. Many men with longer, leaner arms find it difficult to curl a significant amount of weight. Ultimately, they either resort to poor technique that allows them to raise the bar, or they end up doing a numerous reps of lighter weight. In the end, these missteps don't help them build biceps fast; in fact, they can actually damage the muscle and prevent growth.

An alternative strategy

If you're a bit of a hard-gainer, you may have better results by shocking your muscle into growth. To do this, you'll want to lift less weight without increasing your reps. How do you do this? By reducing the time between reps.

Ideally, to build big biceps quickly, you'd rather lift something like five sets of heavy weight rather than ten sets of lighter weight. If you can't handle heavy weight, you can reduce the poundage; however, if you take the same amount of rest between each set, you'll be able to do too many reps and sets, which could stymie growth.

Instead of this, reduce the amount of time you rest between each set to prevent your muscles from recovering well enough to hoist another set at full strength. In other words, instead of waiting 45 seconds between each set, wait only 10 to 15 seconds. Although difficult and painful, this really can build muscle fast, especially in those who aren't blessed with dense muscle fibers within their arms.

Things to consider

While not for everyone, this low-weight, short-rest strategy can build biceps fast in taller, leaner men. It's also a great strategy for shorter, thicker men who need to shock their muscles to help them get past a weight plateau. Just remember to keep your weight low enough so you can handle it without cheating. On the other hand, you donít want the weight to be so low that you need more than five to six sets of six to ten reps to feel fatigued.

Ultimately, you'll know if you are performing this technique correctly if you feel a deep, painful burn and see swelling from increased blood flow. It's critical that you get that pump, or you probably won't see quick growth.

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