Whether you're young or old, male or female, you'd probably like to get abs that attract attention. Unfortunately, most people don't know how to get a six pack, and this leaves them susceptible to misleading products and instructional videos that almost always fail to yield results. If you'd like to reduce stomach fat and enhance muscle tone around your midsection, consider the following.

Reduce stomach fat

Many people are surprised to learn that they already have six pack abs underneath their stomach fat. Unfortunately, no one can see them due to excess fatty tissue. Even if you aren't overweight, your genetics may cause your body to store a thin layer of fat over the top of your stomach muscles. To get sexy abs, you'll need to commit to a hardcore dieting plan that will eliminate this layer.

For best results, commit to a high-intensity aerobic workout routine, combined with a high-protein, high-fiber diet. You also need to time your eating to speed your metabolism and limit your body's tendency to store fat. This article explains how to lose belly fat efficiently, without losing muscle in the process. The best ways to lose stomach fat are centered on eating and not starvation diets which actually encourage your body to hoard fat, especially around the midsection.

How to get abs

If you want to get a six pack, you have to lose fat. Many people are shocked at how great their stomach muscles look when they reduce their overall body fat. More often than not, the nature of your ab muscles is wholly dependent on your genetic makeup. That said, some people have flatter abdominal muscles that look more lean than ripped.

I don't recommend doing any abdominal workouts until you've reduced your body fat enough to be able to see your abs; otherwise you're likely to get frustrated by a lack of results. Once you lose belly fat, you can start building six pack abs by doing ordinary crunches and leg lifts. Though it may seem simple, these methods are tried and true. The key is to wait until you can see your abdominal muscles. That way, you will be able to notice improved results over the course of a few weeks. If you have fat covering your ab muscles, you won't be able to see any muscle growth or definition, because the fat will keep it hidden.


There is absolutely no reason for anyone to try to get a six pack by doing abdominal exercises unless they lose stomach fat first. Why try to build something that probably already exists? Once you see muscle striations and definition within your midsection, you can begin building your abdominal muscles by doing tear-jerking, torturous crunches and leg lifts; however, there's no reason to try to get abs this way until you lose all of your belly fat. Otherwise, you'll be suffering for little reason.

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