Most everyone understands that weight loss depends on diet and exercise; however, few know how to lose fat on thighs and around the midsection. Unfortunately, if you're hoping to target specific problem areas, you'll have to overcome one frustrating obstacle: your genetics.

Why you get saddlebags

Have you ever noticed that some overweight people tend to accumulate fatty tissue around their midsection, while others seem to have it around their hips? You may also be wondering why some are fortunate enough to store excess fatty tissue on their backside, while others seem to get it everywhere but - pun intended.

Just as your genetic makeup determines your eye and hair color, it also makes the call on where your body will store fat. For some, this will be around the buttocks; for others, it will be around the stomach or thighs. Ultimately, you can't really change how your body stores - or burns - its energy reserves. Although some diet and exercise plans claim to target saddlebags; in reality, none will help you lose fat on your thighs, or at least not any better than standard workout routines.

How to lose thigh fat

Studies have shown that sugary foods tend to cause people to store fat in specific areas, such as the stomach or hips. Likewise, eating certain types of food tends to have the opposite effect by triggering automatic responses within the brain that encourage it to burn fatty tissue in specific regions.

The following article focusing on how to lose belly fat quickly, details what types of food encourage the development of stomach fat; while this article on the best ways to lose stomach fat fast details the foods that promote quicker weight loss in this area.

Although each of the previous articles mostly focuses on the waist, the exact same principles and techniques can be used to burn fat on the thighs. In the end, if you want to target specific areas during a weight loss program, cutting calories is not enough. You must eat certain foods, or you will end up losing weight in all the wrong places, while your body continues to hoard fatty tissue within your thighs.

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