For many, weight loss can be a challenging endeavor marked with failures and fad gimmicks that don't make good on their promises. There are a host of weight-loss supplements on the market today; however, few live up to their bold claims. One particular diet drug has gained notoriety as an effective way for struggling dieters to achieve fast results. Before swallowing one capsule, be aware of some troubling HydroxyCut reviews.

A troubling history

Produced by MuscleTech, this diet aid is perhaps the most popular weight-loss supplement on the market today, selling about a million bottles every year. Unfortunately, it has a history of causing serious medical problems. In 2009, the FDA warned consumers not to purchase the product due to some users developing serious liver damage that resulted in at least on death. The list of recalled varieties of the drug included:

- Natural
- 24
- Regular Rapid Release Caplets
- Hardcore Liquid Caplets
- Caffeine-Free Rapid Release Caplets
- Max Liquid Caplets
- Regular Drink Packets
- Hardcore Drink Packets (Ignition Stix)
- Caffeine-Free Drink Packets
- Max Drink Packets
- Hardcore RTDs (Ready-to-Drink)
- Liquid Shots
- Max Aqua Shed
- Carb Control

Shortly after the FDA issued its warning, MuscleTech recalled all of the preceding products and reformulated them with new ingredients before placing each one back on the market under the same name.

Still causing problems

MuscleTech's original formula contained an ephedra-type stimulant called ma huang. This additive was ultimately pegged as the likely cause of the troubling HydroxyCut side effects, and the manufacturer no longer includes it in the product. That said, the diet drug is still causing some alarm amongst users and health professionals.

A quick Google search reveals several HydroxyCut reviews centered on complaints of panic attacks, heart palpitations and other health issues. According to researchers at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center's Department of Internal Medicine, the drug may also have the potential to cause hypertension and retinal damage. A recent study published by the researchers suggests that the cause of these effects is likely owed either directly to the diet drug's astoundingly high caffeine content (600mg per serving) or to an interaction between the caffeine and other additives.

The final verdict

My HydroxyCut review is negative based on the potential health risks associated with the product and the prevalence of online complaints regarding adverse side effects. Although it is touted as a way to boost the body’s fat-burning capabilities by increasing the rate of metabolism; in reality, the drug's primary function is to reduce appetite by acting as a powerful stimulant.

It should be noted that the 600mg of caffeine per serving is equal to approximately six cups of coffee. This much caffeine has the potential to cause serious problems for dieters who already have cardiovascular issues associated with being overweight; it also could cause very real problems for individuals who are otherwise healthy. Because each person tolerates caffeine differently, some dieters may not experience any negative side effects. This can be potentially problematic as these people recommend the product to those who metabolize caffeine at different rates.

If you want a safe, effective way to reduce your body fat, read this article explaining the fastest way to lose weight. It's important to remember that the FDA does not test weight-loss supplements. Just because they are available over-the-counter at a health food store, doesn't mean they have been proved safe.