Recently, the Kim Kardashian diet drug, QuickTrim has come under fire for having potentially dangerously high levels of caffeine, and now a powerful law firm is ready to take action. According to reports, Bursor & Fisher is preparing to file a civil suit against the supplement's manufacturer, Windmill Health Products, for what it believes were deceptive marketing campaigns that featured Kim and her sister Khloe.

What they are saying

According to Bursor & Fisher partner Scott A. Bursor, his firm is currently formulating a case against the manufacturer and perhaps Kim Kardashian, herself. Bursor's law firm has a reputation for taking on successful supplement and pharmaceutical manufacturers, having already won settlements with the makers of Xenadrine and firms selling the hair-loss remedy, Avacor.

According to reports, the lawsuit will center on the fact that QuickTrim's website clearly states that the product's main ingredient is caffeine and then readily admits that the Food and Drug Administration has determined that caffeine is not effective or safe for weight loss.

Kim and Khloe in the crosshairs

QuickTrim if often referred to as the Kim Kardashian diet drug, thanks mostly to the celebrity's Twitter account which has been used to repeatedly endorse the product. In January 2010, the reality star tweeted that she used the weight-loss supplement to lose 15 pounds in a single week. According to some experts, this activity could leave her susceptible to legal action; however, it's not yet clear if Bursor & Fisher will include her name in its lawsuit.

What consumers should know

According to Adriane Fugh-Berman, a Georgetown University physician, QuickTrim contains significant amounts of caffeine; and because the manufacturer does not reveal exact levels, consumers have no way of knowing how much they are ingesting. Fugh-Berman also warns that excessive caffeine intake can cause unpleasant or even dangerous side-effects, including elevated blood-pressure, increased pulse rates and even heart arrhythmias.

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