With so many people desperate to find fast, effective weight-loss aids, many are turning to dangerous products that have the potential to seriously affect their health. Recently, many companies have started using synephrine as an alternative to ephedrine; but are these diet drugs any safer? Before you spend a cent, you should know about some disturbing Lipo 6 reviews.

What is it?

Manufactured by Nutrex, this diet drug contains Synthetic, Bioperine and Yohimbine HCL, which the company touts as ingredients meant to encourage the body to burn fat more efficiently and improve its ability to utilize nutrients. Whether these claims are true or not, isn't really important, because these ingredients aren't really what gives the drug its fat-burning power.

In addition to these additives, the product also contain synephrine, a stimulant which has recently gained popularity as an effective alternative to ephedrine, a related drug made illegal in several countries due to its involvement in the production of methamphetamine and potential for causing health problems.

What are people saying?

A quick Google search reveals all sorts of Lipo 6 reviews that range from the scary to the bizarre. Some users claim they've experienced troubling side effects, such as heart palpitations, anxiety attacks and depression, while one even claims the product altered his taste buds to make everything taste like chicken. Still others wholeheartedly endorse the product, saying it helped them drop unwanted fat at a noticeably faster rate.

Is it dangerous?

Primarily derived from the immature fruit of a small citrus tree, synephrine has the potential to cause adverse cardiovascular reactions in some people. The chemical is also used in other diet drugs, such as Xenadrine-EFX and Stacker 2, and it should be noted that the Mayo Clinic recently published a report suggesting that diet pills containing synephrine may increase the risk of heart attack, increased blood pressure and ischemic stroke.

In addition to the Mayo Clinic's release, the Walter Reed Army Medical Center's Department of Medicine (Cardiology) also issued a report suggesting that diet drug manufacturers were using synephrine as a loophole around ephedrine regulations.

The final verdict

My Lipo 6 review is negative thanks mostly to the potential dangers associated with synephrine. Add to the fact that each serving or the drug contains 200 milligrams of caffeine - that's about twice as much as you'll find in one cup of coffee - and you've got a very powerful stimulant with the potential to cause very real, very scary cardiovascular problems.

If you're looking for safe, effective ways to shed unwanted fat without unwanted side effects, read this article explaining the fastest way to lose weight. Remember that the Federal Government does not test diet drugs and other nutritional supplements. Don't compromise your short- and long-term health by taking potentially dangerous drugs that may not even be on the market much longer.