Protein shakes are a big part of most every bodybuilder's diet; and, these days, they are becoming more popular amongst everyday people, who believe these products can aid weight-loss. Unfortunately, many of these supplements have been found to contain harmful trace metals. Recently, Consumer Reports magazine tested one popular supplement, and the results were troubling. If you're worried about potential Muscle Milk side effects, you should know the following.

Toxic metals found

Experts at Consumer Reports magazine recently tested Muscle Milk Chocolate powder to see if it contained excessive levels of toxic metals. According to its results, a daily recommended serving contained high levels of cadmium, arsenic and lead. This is especially troubling for bodybuilders, who often consume large quantities of the product on a daily basis; as these toxins accumulate in the body's organs and can contribute to a host of health problems, including organ failure, brain damage and more.

Experts worried

The presence of toxins in meal replacement supplements has many in the medical community worried. According to toxicologist Kathy Burns, when toxic metals are found in products intended for daily use, it poses serious health concerns, especially for young adults and pregnant women.

Robert Wright, M.D., an associate professor at Harvard Medical School, agrees with Burns statement. According to him, although exposure to small doses of dangerous trace metals is inevitable in today's society; when a particular brand of protein shake exceeds UPS limits, the company is doing something wrong.

What consumers should know

Many people are surprised to learn that no federal agency oversees the supplement market, leaving consumers on their own to determine what is safe and what is not. Based on Consumer Reports magazine's study, consumers appear to have valid reasons to worry about potential Muscle Milk side effects that could haunt them years down the road.

Whether you're a bodybuilder or ordinary consumer, you'd be well-served to research any supplement prior to purchasing it. Additionally, experts agree that most Americans have no need for protein shakes, since they are easily able to meet their daily requirements by eating a balanced diet. On the other hand, if you are trying to build muscle, you may be better off eating lean meats and egg whites, which generally have not been found to contain excessive amounts of toxic substances.