Many actors and actresses spend a lot of time sculpting their bodies either through natural or unnatural means. It's not uncommon for those of us in the "real world" to envy and covet their physiques. One of the most sought after bodies belongs to the sexy star of films, such as The Chang-up and The Proposal. If you're interested in copying the Ryan Reynolds workout and diet so you can get a body just like his, you may want to settle down and adjust your expectations.

How he did it

In a recent interview with Men's Health Magazine, the popular star revealed that his results are owed more to nutrition than exercise. According to Men's Health, the Ryan Reynolds diet is centered on small meals, eaten about every two to three hours. When asked how to lose belly fat quickly, most professional trainers and bodybuilders recommend this strategy, because it speeds the metabolism and prevents the body from entering starvation mode, which inevitably causes it to store fat.

To maintain his physique, Reynolds says he eats two eggs for breakfast, along with healthy fats, such as a slice of avocado or a spoonful of almond butter. He also enjoys some apple sauce and a cup of oatmeal. For lunch, the star eats a high-protein, low-fat meal, such as chicken and salad or a tuna wrap. For dinner, he eats the opposite of what he ate for lunch, along with a salad, brown rice and some vegetables. Additionally, to fuel his muscle development, the actor eats a protein bar or shake as midmorning, midafternoon and evening snacks.

Getting his body

Although he does have decent arms, most people are interested in getting the actor's famous six-pack abs. To get his stomach ripped, the former Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place star says he does a lot of cardio, combined with what he calls "meditative" ab exercises, such as crunches and leg-lifts. He also says he encourages muscle growth by taking supplements, such as creatine, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), whey protein and L-glutamine.

Although this diet and workout plan proved successful for him, the actor really doesn't know how to get a six pack any better than the best trainers in the world. Unfortunately, the Ryan Reynolds workout and diet may not work the same for everyone, because we are all at the mercy of our genetics. While some are blessed with ab muscles that form tight, attractive six packs when stimulated through basic crunches and sit-ups, others will end up with flatter stomachs.

Although you may be able to encourage more definition by taking muscle-building supplements and exercising frequently, you're not going to get Reynolds' body unless you are fortunate enough to have genetics similar to his.

That said, many people are really shocked to see how great their abs look when they lose the obstructive layer of fat covering their stomachs. You can also really benefit from the actor's advice and outlook on exercise and muscle development. For some inspirational words of advice, take a look at the following video, in which Ryan Reynolds talks about how he approaches health and fitness.