More than a few Americans are burdened by the dreaded spare tire, and there are numerous companies hawking fad products that claim to provide targeted help. Unfortunately, more often than not, these gimmicks fail to yield results. Recently, our in-house health and fitness expert took some time to recommend weight-loss exercises to lose belly fat. Before you buy something you saw featured on a late-night infomercial, learn what he had to say.

"Love handles and bulging stomachs are especially problematic for people, because these areas tend to show up while we're wearing clothing," Weathers said. "Eliminating this problem is usually very difficult. When consumers face difficult problems, they tend to look for easy answers; and this is where opportunistic companies come in to try to take advantage."

According to Weathers, if you're looking for the best weight-loss exercises to lose belly fat, you should forget fad products and focus on aerobic workouts, instead.

"There are a lot of gimmicks out there that claim to be able to promote flatter stomachs," he said. "However, these don't usually work, because they focus on strengthening muscles beneath fat. In the end, although your muscles might get stronger and leaner; no one will ever know, because they'll still be hidden by an obstructive layer of fatty tissue."

Weathers says people tend to have trouble trimming their waistlines because they don't use the right strategies; however, he says genetics can also make things difficult.

"You may notice that some people accumulate fatty tissue around their hips, while others get it around their midsections," he said. "This has a lot to do with their genetics. It's similar to how some people are naturally endowed with what is perceived as attractive fat on their buttocks, while others are burdened with flatter backsides. In the end, if your body is genetically prone to hoarding extra calories around the waist, it's going to fight your efforts to eliminate that tissue."

According to Weathers, dieters usually have to be patient when trying to lose belly fat, because it often ends up being the last to go.

"If you have excess tissue on the arms, back or thighs; you can usually expect to lose weight in these areas first," he said. "Unfortunately, this can sometimes make the midsection look even worse, because it appears more pronounced. That said, once you reach this point, your workouts should begin to affect your stomach more."

Weathers warns dieters to steer clear of fad products and exercises that claim to target specific areas.

"If you're trying to build muscle mass, you can target particular areas on the body," he said. "On the other hand, when it comes to burning fatty tissue, you can't really target specific spots on your body. In the end, the best weight-loss exercises are going to be aerobic ones, such as jogging or swimming. These burn more calories, which is what you are really trying to do, regardless of whether you want to get rid of saddle bags, neck fat or that spare tire."

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