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Propecia Alternatives Not As Scary

By Paul A. Achoa Health & Fitness Expert


When it first hit the market, Finasteride was considered a wonder drug for those suffering from hair loss; however, with more and more men experiencing terrifying side-effects, many are scrambling to find Propecia alternatives that won't leave them with sexual dysfunction.

According to research published recently in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, as much as 23 percent of patients who used Finasteride for hair loss suffered sexual problems of some sort, including impotence and/or a diminished sex drive. The most terrifying part of the study was the fact that many of the men continued to experience these problems even after they stopped using the medication.

How bad was it?

According to the researchers, they interviewed 71 men between the ages of 21 and 46, with each one reporting some sort of sexual dysfunction caused by Propecia. Of those, 94 percent reported experiencing decreased sexual interest, while 92 percent reported impotence and 69 percent said they had difficulties achieving an orgasm. What's more, the majority of these men said they experienced these problems up to three years after stopping the drug, while others said they continue to experience issues to this day.

Alternatives to Propecia

Also used in Proscar, a drug intended to treat enlarged prostates, Finasteride is still available for those interested in reversing their hair loss. Since approximately 75 percent of men do not experience side-effects, many sometimes consider the risk worthwhile. However, if you are a young man with male pattern baldness, you should seriously balance your desire for hair against the possibility of long-term sexual dysfunction.

Since many younger men haven't had an opportunity to marry and start a family, they often have far more to lose than older me suffering prostate problems. Unfortunately, many younger people feel compelled to stop their hair loss, because they feel it negatively affects their social life and self-esteem. If you're looking for a Propecia alternative, consider Rogaine or Latisse, an exciting new male pattern baldness solution that remains relatively unknown amongst those in the hair restoration profession.

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