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Depressed About Male Pattern Baldness? Be Careful

By Paul A. Achoa Health & Fitness Expert


When men become depressed about male pattern baldness, they often resort to all sorts of crazy schemes to regrow hair. Unfortunately, some of these remedies have dangerous side-effects, including impotence and diminished sex drive. Before you pop a pill meant to stave off your hair loss, learn more about potential risks associated with a popular balding remedy.

Cancer and irreversible impotence?

The hair loss drug, Propecia has already been exposed for causing long-term, irreversible impotence; however, until now, no one knew it could ultimately cause death. The Food and Drug Administration recently notified American healthcare professionals that it has revised the labels for Propecia and other 5-alpha reductase drugs to include warnings about the increased potential for serious forms of high-grade prostate cancer. According to the FDA, the decision is based on the agency's review of two controlled trials, which studied the unintended effects of drugs, such as Adovart, Proscar and Propecia.

Safer, effective hair loss remedies

Let's face it, everyone wants hair; however, if you're depressed about male pattern baldness, consider some effective Propecia alternatives that won’t endanger your health and jeopardize your ability to enjoy a quality sex life. Although Propecia is still available to balding men, it carries some very real risk. Vanity is a significant motivator, and shortsighted men often choose to sacrifice their futures in hopes of regaining a youthful appearance.

There is more than one proven male pattern baldness solution and most cause very mild side-effects that only manifest in some patients. Before you ingest any sort of drug that alters your hormone balance, take a step back and consider how much worse things could get.

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