If you've got big plans on the horizon, such as a trip to the beach or a high school reunion, you may be interested in a way to lose belly fat quickly. Unfortunately, if you have loose, jiggly flesh around your midsection, you should temper your expectations.

The human body is especially stingy when it comes to letting go of fatty tissue around the stomach; however, by eating certain foods and employing certain strategies; you can lose belly fat fast in a safe, practical manner.

Gaining stomach fat

Losing stomach fat is especially difficult for some men and women. To understand why, you should first understand how it accumulates in the first place. A recent study by the University of Sydney's Human Nutrition Unit at their School of Molecular Bioscience helps explain. According to the researchers, when they gave animals access to sugary beverages, they consumed 20 percent more calories than the animals in the control group which didn't have the same access.

Interestingly, though the sugar consumption resulted in a higher caloric intake; it didn't cause the animals to gain more weight than the control group. What it did do is cause the animals to develop larger abdominal fat pads. Instead of adding pounds, their bodies redistributed fat based on their genetic makeup. This study points to the fact that certain foods trigger automatic responses within the brain.

Ways to lose stomach fat

Just as sugary foods prompt the body to store fat around the midsection, other foods cause it to do the opposite. Quick weight loss is dependent -- not only on a substantial decrease in caloric intake versus calories burned -- but on food selection as a whole. Just as you can use certain foods to gain weight, you can use other foods to lose belly fat fast. For an example of these, consult this overview of some healthy quick weight loss diets.

Remember, although crash diets may result in quick weight loss overall, they won't lead the body to focus on the targeted area around your stomach. Ultimately, the best way to eliminate fatty stomach tissue is to induce certain fat-burning tendencies within the brain by eating foods that trigger targeted weight loss.

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