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How Do You Lose Weight Fast? New Drug May Be the Answer

By Paul A. Achoa Health & Fitness Expert


For years, doctors have recommended low-calorie, high-fiber diets and exercise routines that encourage good health and better physiques. Unfortunately, these recommendations inspire little hope in those who have big upcoming plans that require quick weight loss.

Americans like things to happen quickly, and many spend hundreds of dollars on pills and diet plans that promise to show them how to lose weight fast. Sometimes these products work; sometimes they don't. One thing appears certain: if a new drug called adipotide hits the market any time soon, a lot of these companies may be out of business.

How the drug destroys fat

A research study at MD Anderson Cancer Center has given new hope to those in search of an effective pill that provides quick weight loss. According to the researchers, when they gave overweight monkeys a specific protein compound, each one lost about 11 percent of their original body weight despite not exercising at all.

The drug, called adipotide, contains a homing agent of sorts that causes it to bind to a specific protein found on the surface of blood vessels that support fat cells. Once it attaches, adipotide destroys the vessels and causes the fat cell to die. Eventually, the fat cells are metabolized by the body and reabsorbed.

The researchers say the monkeys showed trimmer waistlines within weeks, and then ultimately regained their original weight once they stopped taking the adipotide drug. Magnetic resonance imaging tests showed that the monkey's weight loss resulted from the loss of unhealthy "white" body fat linked to heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, and not from a loss of muscle, water or organ tissue, which remained unaffected for the most part.

How do I lose weight fast?

Unfortunately, although the researchers see great potential in adipotide's ability to help humans lose weight, a myriad of tests will prevent it from hitting the market any time soon.

Most experts agree that it's very difficult to lose weight fast without risking potential health problems. Dieticians recommend consistent, smart eating habits for those interested in losing weight. To give yourself the best chance at long-term weight loss, eat vegetables, lean meats and whole grain foods with a low glycemic index. Avoid sugary foods with simple carbohydrates that cause big insulin spikes. If you decide to take a diet supplement, use it for only a short time to give you a boost at the beginning of your diet.

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