The desire for designer shoes and handbags has driven many women into credit card debt, while leaving others susceptible to opportunistic businesses which deal in shoddy replica items that tend to disappoint. One online company called Just Fab claims to offer designer merchandise at bargain rates; however, numerous consumers have complained about a scam. Before signing up, read the following review.

What is it?

JustFabulous is an online outlet that claims to sell original and replica designer shoes and handbags to consumers who agree to sign up for a monthly membership plan. As part of the membership, customers are supposedly also given access to so-called style experts who make recommendations based on the latest celebrity and fashion trends.

What people are saying

Unfortunately for the company, the Internet is glutted with all sorts of complaints regarding more than one Just Fab scam. Many reviews claim they were taken by bait-and-switch tactics, in which they received shoddy merchandise that did not closely resemble the one pictured on the website. More commonly, you'll find one review after another complaining that the site continuously charges credit cards month after month even after the original purchase has been finalized.

What consumers should know

Although JustFab claims to offer its members access to designer handbags and shoes, it appears clear that it mainly deals in "knock-offs" or replica merchandise. Many women would be fine with this if the replicas closely matched the originals; however, there are numerous online reviews complaining about poor stitching and cheap materials.

Although there are several complaints referring to a scam involving unapproved repeat billing; the site is relatively open about being a membership service. It's important for consumers to understand that JustFabulous isn't purely an online store; it's a membership service that charges a monthly fee granting members the right to access so-called bargain merchandise.

Ultimately, I wouldn't recommend the site based on its relatively deceptive business model and the prevalence of online complaints.