These days, bargain websites are popping up all over the Internet, from penny auctions to discount marketplaces to deal services offering coupons for just about any product you can imagine. Unfortunately, not all of these sites are honest. One website called No More Rack claims to provide amazing discounts on top products; however, there are numerous online reviews pointing toward a supposed NoMoreRack scam. Before you buy, learn what others are saying.

What is it?

No More Rack is a bargain website that claims to offer consumers an opportunity to secure name-brand merchandise for up to 90 percent off usual retail prices. According to the company, it is able to offer what it calls "too good to be true" prices, thanks to manufacturer closings, overstocked products and canceled orders.

NoMoreRack reviews not positive

There are numerous online reviews complaining about a so-called NoMoreRack scam centered on shipping irregularities and poor customer service. A quick Google search reveals complaints about supposed bait-and-switch tactics in which customers received products that did not match the items pictured at the website. Other consumers have complained about lengthy shipping times and shoddy merchandise. More than anything else, many consumers appear to be frustrated by what they call poor or nonexistent customer service.

What the BBB says

Despite the prevalence of online complaints, the Better Business Bureau has given an A- rating. According to the organization, it based its decision on relative complaint volume and resolution percentage.

What consumers should know

Although the BBB seems content with the way No More Rack does business, others aren't as happy. Compared to other bargain websites, the company seems to have an inordinate amount of negative reviews. That said, although many consumers complain about a scam, there isn't any proof that the company is guilty of much more than poor customer service.

Still, before using the site, consumers should be aware that the company does not provide a phone number for complaints or disputes. In the end, this alone may be enough to scare off some consumers who aren't comfortable with businesses who fail to provide direct lines of communication.