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Dallas Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett Monday Press Conference

By Ryan Lawrence
Copywriter, Interview Expert
and Special Contributor


This past Sunday in an overtime NFL football thriller, the Dallas Cowboys suffered a disappointing loss to the Arizona Cardinals, thanks in part to some questionable time-management by Jason Garrett. On Monday, the head coach answered questions for the media regarding his controversial decisions. Here are some highlights from the press conference:

On whether he thinks his decision was correct: "I think probably what I said yesterday, you can play that situation out in both ways ... We got to the thirty, we felt good about giving our kicker a chance to do it, right there."

On why he was comfortable with a 49-yard feild goal attempt: "Just the confidence level we have in Dan Bailey... We just wanted to make sure we gave him an opportunity to kick the game winner ... I think he's 27 for 29 this year ... Unfortunately, it didn't work out for us this time."

On if he second guesses his decision: "We don't use the word second guess; we evaluate the situation."

On if he thinks he should have used a time-out to try to run another play before the attempt: "We chose to play it the other way, and ultimately, it didn't work out for us ... you try to make your best guess based on the circumstances involved ... We though it was the right thing to do."

On if he instructed Tony Romo to clock the ball instead of calling a time-out: "I don't have a great answer for you on that."

On if the special teams coach has an influence on his decision: "Well, I think we were all watching the same thing ... they said, hey, bang the time out ... my experience in this league is when you typically rush something, the results aren't good ... we just felt like given the circumstances ... we wanted to give him a good opportunity ... that we were icing our kicker is not really appropriate here."

On why he didn't call time-out before Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo spiked the ball to stop the clock: "I think the biggest things we were trying to do at that point was recognize where the ball was ... we would have called a time-out from the sideline at four seconds (if Romo hadn't clocked it)."