News that the Dallas Cowboys will be penalized by the NFL for salary cap shenanigans has many fans wishing for a new general manager. Unfortunately, if they want to see Jerry Jones fired and replaced with a new GM, they'll have to take some drastic steps to force the owner's hand.

Not as smart as he thought

While most Cowboys fans regard their owner as an egotistical control-freak without the football knowledge to be an effective GM, Jones has never listened. That said, even if they had no confidence in the man's ability to evaluate talent, most had to admit he seemed to have enough business sense to manage the team's finances well enough to keep them in position to sign a few free agents for the 2012 season.

Unfortunately, according to NFL sources, Dallas will have to forfeit 10 million dollars in salary cap space, thanks to some clever strategies his son, Jerry Jr. used when crafting contracts during the uncapped season. Now, the owner's credibility as a financial strategist is falling fast and Dallas Cowboys message boards are abuzz with angry complaints about the way the team is being handled.

A long line of bad decisions

For years, Jones has taken flak for poor drafts and what many perceive as over-valuing players on his roster. Recently, the owner enraged many fans by placing the franchise tag on Anthony Spender, who had riled many team loyalists by underachieving and admitting that he had taken plays off in the past. To team representatives, the move made sense, because they didn't have anyone on the roster to replace the outside linebacker. On the other hand, to perceptive Dallas Cowboys fanatics, the move was yet another example of how the team is forced to live with mediocrity, because it hasn't drafted well enough to replace even an average player, whom many perceive as grossly overpaid.

How to get Jerry Jones fired

In the eyes of many, the team's future is not a bright one. Although more than a few team fanatics are relieved that their current GM is getting up in years; most believe it's a sure fact he eventually plans hand over the reigns to his son, whom many see as a carbon copy of the other.

That said, contrary to popular belief, there is a way to get the eldest Jones fired. Unfortunately, that will mean not showing up to games, which may be seen as virtual sacrilege in a state as football-crazy as Texas.

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