At the start of the NFL season, John Elway had the chance to trade Kyle Orton for a mid-round draft choice. The Miami Dolphins wanted him; reports say the San Francisco 49ers were interested, as well. Unfortunately, the Denver Broncos vice president didn't have enough confidence in Tim Tebow to make the deal; and ultimately, he ended up going into the season with both players on the roster.

With a delusional fan base backing Tebow, it was obvious to most that the two quarterbacks wouldn't be able to coexist as long as Orton was the starter; however, as the backup, Orton really didn't stir up much controversy. Despite this, Elway made the choice to cut his former starter a few weeks ago, allowing him to be claimed by the division-rival Kansas City Chiefs.

Now, Elway's foolish decision has come full-circle. Needing only one win to secure a division title, the Broncos will have to defeat none other than Kyle Orton, who will no doubt come to town with a massive chip on his shoulder.

Tim Tebow vs. the man he replaced

Coming off the worst game of his life, Tebow is making Elway's decision look worse than ever; however, the greater folly isn't in the Hall-of-Famerís choice, but its timing.

There simply was no reason for Denver to cut Orton when it did. If the team thought the veteran's presence would have put undue pressure on Tebow, then the latter isn't the man they hope he is. If, on the other hand, Elway did it to give Orton a chance to play elsewhere; he simply isnít the shrewd businessman and leader the Broncos need as their executive vice president of football operations.

In the end, even if you think Elway was right to choose Tim Tebow over Orton; there can be no doubt that he managed the two players foolishly. Now, his short-sighted decision could very well cost the Broncos a division title.

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