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Pick the Seattle Seahawks Over the Baltimore Ravens

By Ryan Lawrence
Copywriter, Interview Expert
and Special Contributor


On Sunday night, the Baltimore Ravens finally got what they wanted, when they finished off a season sweep of their arch-rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now, they head to Pacific Northwest to meet a Seattle Seahawks team that looked flat and helpless against DeMarco Murray and the Dallas Cowboys.

The odds makers have penciled Seattle in as a 7-point underdog--the relatively low spread an obvious nod to its propensity for playing well at home. Still, most people foresee a Baltimore win, with a wide majority predicting a blowout. If you agree with these people, you simply haven't been paying attention to the NFL. Here's why Seattle is going to play well and cover the spread.

The Let Down

When Baltimore started its season, the coaches and players had one main goal: beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. Having accomplished this, it now heads west to play a weak, unfamiliar NFC West team that probably won’t stir up a lot of emotion amongst Ravens' players. Teams notoriously prepare well for the good teams and are a bit lax when practicing the week before they play mediocre teams. Expect Baltimore to have a big emotional letdown this Sunday in Seattle.


Baltimore has been a bit of an enigma this season. To see why the Seahawks have a chance, all you need to do is look at how the Ravens have played this season after big wins. In week one, they steamrolled Pittsburgh, only to get trounced by the Tennessee Titans the following week. The same thing happened when Baltimore stomped Houston and then followed that game up with a confusing 12-7 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. A near loss against Arizona only strengthens the case against the Ravens. Recent history suggests that Baltimore will not be able to pair two inspired performances together.