During a recent interview on the Jim Rome nationally syndicated sports talk show, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs said there is a double standard for Tim Tebow and Cam Newton, and his comments suggest he believes racism is the main reason why.

Quote startCam Newton, if he had a game like that; everyone would be trying to move him to receiver.Quote end

Nicknamed T-Sizzle, Suggs has been an outspoken critic of the Denver Broncos quarterback and his tendency to pray during games. During a Friday interview with Rome, he took it one step further.

"The guy was 6 for 22 in a must-win game; and, you know, we're still talking about the Tim Tebow phenomenon," Suggs told Rome. "I'm like: Donavan McNabb had a similar game like that in week four and got the hatchet. Cam Newton, if he had a game like that; everyone would be trying to move him to receiver."

When pressed by Rome to clarify whether he was insinuating that Tebow got a pass because he was white, Suggs remained vague.

"I think everyone that personally knows me, knows exactly what I'm talking about," he said. "It sucks to be politically correct; it is what it is."

Suggs continued to criticize Tebow throughout the interview, saying he didn't compare well to Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

"Our quarterback," Suggs said, "he doesn't play so bad during the game that we literally need miracles to happen at the end of the game."

Since jumping out to a 7-1 start, Tebow and the Broncos have struggled of late, losing three consecutive games and barely qualifying for the playoffs.

Despite his troubles, the Broncos quarterback has remained popular in the eyes of many fans, and this has apparently brought frustration to some current and former NFL players who feel he is favored either for his race or his religious beliefs.

Suggs did tell Jim Rome that he didn't have anything against Tebow as a person and that he was just talking football; however, it was clear by his statements that he felt the media and fans have given the second-year quarterback too much credit

"He did go 7-4, granted," Suggs said. "But his defense won a lot of games for him."

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