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Sports Betting: Take the Buffalo Bills over the Dallas Cowboys

By Ryan Lawrence
Copywriter, Interview Expert
and Special Contributor


At times, the Dallas Cowboys look good enough to win the NFC East, win a first round wild card, and maybe even give the Green Bay Packers a run for their money in a divisional round playoff game. At other times, they look like a .500 team that could lose to almost anyone. Some of this inconsistency is owed to injuries; however, a lot of it is due to talent problems.

Guys like Keith Brooking, Brady James, Terrance Newman, Anthony Spencer and Gerald Sensabaugh just aren't all that good, and Rob Ryan deserves a lot of credit for turning what was one of the worst Cowboys defenses ever last year into a down-right respectable unit this season. Still, despite having some really good players sprinkled across its roster, Dallas isnít really all that talented from top to bottom, and that's a big reason why Buffalo will give the Cowboys fits this Sunday and cover the 5.5 point spread.

NFL Picks: Why the Bills will win or cover the spread

For the first six games of the season, Dallas' defense was the best in the NFL against the run; however, the team hadnít really faced any star backs until it visited Philadelphia on Sunday night of week 7. In that game, the Eagles took advantage of the Cowboys' propensity for aggressive pass rushing, and when DeMarcus Ware and the defensive ends rushed up field, Andy Reid ordered his team to execute delayed draws that took advantage. The Seattle Seahawks duplicated that strategy last week, and Marshawn Lynch rushed for over 100 yards despite having struggled for most every other game this season.

Now, the Cowboys face the AFC's leading rusher, Fred Jackson, who's already accumulated over 800 yards on the ground. The problem here is not just that Jackson is good, which he is; he's also a matchup nightmare for the Cowboys, because he's a natural slasher that can take advantage of Rob Ryan's aggressive defensive style. The Bills are also versatile enough to throw well, which means Dallas wonít be able to pinch its outside linebackers tight and load up against the run.

What to expect

Make no mistake; the Dallas Cowboys will score points in this game. Buffalo's defense has struggled, and despite not having Miles Austin, Dallas will move the ball well and accumulate a lot of chunk-yardage plays. Still, the Cowboys arenít very good in the red zone, and a lot of field goals would lead to a closer game. What's more, even if Dallas is able to jump out early, it's not shown the ability to hold leads, and Buffalo's high-octane, multi-faceted attack sets the stage for a perfect back-door cover scenario.

In the end, with Buffalo enjoying a plus-5.5 margin, the smart money should go on the visiting team. Take the Buffalo Bills and the points.