These days, numerous web-based companies are buying advertising space on television to enhance their reputations as honest, reliable businesses. Unfortunately, many aren't all they claim to be. Thanks to numerous commercials, one background check company called Been Verified has gained fame; however, there are several complaints referring to a BeenVerified scam. Before you sign up, read this review.

What is it?

Been Verified supposedly collects data on anyone and everyone, using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) as a means to gather public records. Consumers are able to acquire a background check on a single individual for a set price, or they can sign up for a monthly membership that will allow them to access reports on numerous individuals. It should be noted that this company is not a credit agency; if the records aren't already available to the public, it will not have them.

What people are saying

Take just a few minutes to do an Internet search, and you'll find all sorts of information regarding one BeenVerified scam or another. Some complain the company offers deceptive deals involving free introductory periods that ultimately end up costing a lot. More than one Been Verified review also regards the site as little more than a "data dump" that mines readily available public records anyone could access for free. There are also a disturbing amount of complaints regarding inaccurate information, with some reviews claiming the inclusion of false criminal records on their personal profiles.

The final verdict

Although many have complained that they've been taken by some sort of Been Verified scam; in reality, they've merely fallen victim to yet another deceptive business model. All of the company's business and billing practices are clearly laid out on its website; so anyone that gets taken really can't complain too much.

That said, my BeenVerified review is negative based on the prevalence of bad reviews and the fact that the company purports to have the ability to do something special, when the average consumer could easily do all of these things themselves. It's disturbing that people are beginning to use these types of background check companies to investigate business partners, employees and even potential mates.

If you do choose to use this service, be aware that many say the records are either inaccurate or incorrectly associated with the wrong person; so if you meet a cute guy or girl and find a criminal conviction on his or her profile, consider reserving judgment.