( is a popular Internet auction site based in South Africa. The company defines itself as a marketplace that brings sellers and buyers together, so they can trade at fixed prices and via auctions; however, there are complaints regarding a Bidorbuy scam. Before you sign up, read the following Bid or Buy review.

Who runs this company? was originally founded in 1999 by Andy Higgins. Based in South Africa, the company purports to be an ideal solution for sellers trying to unload excess inventory. On its 'about us' page, Bidorbuy describes its auctions as "thrilling" and promotes a payment service called bobPay, a credit card and EFT payment system that supposedly makes payment easy and safe for merchants and buyers regardless of their global location.

The Bid or Buy Scam

Many online auction websites - such as Bidz, for instance - have reputations for shady practices. Normally, if an online auction has any sort of reputation for fraud or deception, a simple Google search will yield several complaints within blogs and forum posts. This isnít really the case with, a sign that the company at least makes good on its promise to provide a platform for sellers and buyers to barter for goods. That said, there are several complaints regarding BOB fraud; and the company itself warns members about BOB phishing scams which frequently target its members.

If you sign up to Bidorbuy, you're likely to get some pretty authentic looking phishing emails asking you to correct problems with your account, update information or deal with some issue requiring you to provide your username and password. Though the company isn't necessarily directly responsible for this problem, the simple fact that it is located in a region of the world that tends to harbor phishing artists puts its members at risk.


All in all, my Bid or Buy review isn't really positive or negative. Although there are several complaints regarding one or more Bidorbuy scam, most of these aren't necessarily the company's fault. That said, if you choose to participate in one of the company's auctions, youíll have no way of knowing if the seller will actually send you quality goods.

If you do choose to sign up, beware. A lot of the phishing emails you may receive are quite clever. For instance, the company warns of one scam which informs the member that he or she has violated the terms of service agreement. The email then prompts the user to log in to his or her account to rectify the problem. All outgoing links within the email accurately point to pages, except the final 'click here' link which points to a URL beginning with numerical digits.

If this happens to you, don't fall victim. Check the URL address before inputting your information, or the phishing artist will be able to gather your bobPay data.