These days, bargain sites are all the rage, with most every one making bold claims regarding big deals for savvy consumers who know how to work it. One called Bid Cactus claims to combine the value of Internet shopping with the thrill of what it calls "real world entertainment." That said, there are lots of complaints regarding a BidCactus scam. Before you sign up, read this penny auction review.

How it works

To participate in any penny auction, members must purchase bid-packs using their credit cards. Members then use these bids to compete with other potential buyers for the right to purchase an item. Each time a bid is placed, the price of the item ascends a few cents and time is added to the auction clock. When it finally ends, the last bidder gets the prize, with everyone else losing however many bids they used during the competition.

How the company profits

Similar to other penny auctions sites, such as SkoreIt and QuiBids, Bid Cactus profits greatly off the bad luck of failed bidders. If the site sells a $50 gift card for $17, it could potentially make hundreds of dollars in profit by collecting "wasted" bids from losing participants. Although many consider this to be a somewhat devious business practice; this is the way these sorts of online auctions work.

Is BidCactus a Scam?

Although it may very well be a wolf in sheep's clothing, this site is not nearly as deceptive as other penny auction sites, such as MadBid or Beezid. The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which has given the website an A- rating - an interesting fact, considering that the BBB listed penny auctions in its annual list of top ten scams.

Although there are numerous complaints regarding a BidCactus scam, most of these are from frustrated members who lost their money unsuccessfully competing for merchandise. There are some Bid Cactus complaints accusing the site of using bots to place false bids that keep auctions alive for longer periods of time; however, there's really no way to know if these are true.

The final verdict

I wouldn't go so far as to say that might BidCactus review is positive; however, it's not nearly as negative as the ones I've given to other online auction sites using similar platforms. The company does enjoy an A- rating from the BBB and it claims to donate substantial amounts of money to charitable organizations, such as Feeding America, Autism Speaks and Save the Whales. Whether this is an act of shear kindness or an attempt to offset some of its questionable business tactics, you can be the judge. What I will say is that seems to be far more open about its rules, which is more than I can say about most other similar sites. If you like to take risks, I say give it a try. If you don't, steer clear.