Imagine scheduling your day by touching the mirror in your bathroom, or having face-to-face conversations with loved-ones on the countertops in your kitchen. It's not necessarily science fiction; it's Corning Incorporated's vision of some cool inventions featured in one of the best YouTube videos of 2011.

Widely considered one of the most amazing internet clips ever, the short film depicts a society where widespread interactive glass allows people to control their surroundings and stay connected with friends, business associates and family members. Among some of the cool inventions featured in the YouTube video is super-thin flexible glass that could be used for books, blue prints and high-tech paper.

According to Corning CEO Wendell Weeks, the company didn't just set out to make one of the best YouTube videos of 2011; it is actively working on the exact same inventions depicted in the movie clip.

Though Weeks admits the future may not appear exactly as Corning's video predicts, the company does envision one where myriads of glass surfaces double as sophisticated, technological devices and one-dimensional utilities.

For instance, in the YouTube video, one of the actors is seen cutting vegetables on a glass countertop that doubles as the same type of computer glass you might find on an iPad; however, this cool invention has considerably more features and functions.

Although Corning's vision may seem somewhat outlandish to many, Weeks says the company is already working on cool inventions quite similar to those featured in the company's YouTube video. According to him, growing technological advances are allowing nanotechnology to exist in harsh environmental conditions, which sets the stage for an amazing future.

Take a look at Corning's vision of the future in one of the best YouTube videos of 2011:

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