As consumers flock to the Internet looking for big discounts on hot-ticket items, numerous companies have set up shop to take advantage. One company, called Deal Extreme, purports to offer great deals on gadgets and electronics; however, there are an awful lot of complaints regarding a DealExtreme scam. Before you buy anything from this site, read the following review.

What is it?

If you've watched T.V. lately, you've seen ads promoting penny auction sites, such as SkoreIt and QuiBids. The Better Business Bureau has listed these types of sites in its annual list of top ten scams; however, although it does offer products for pennies on the dollar, Deal Extreme is not a penny auction site.

Instead of allowing vendors to sell items using an auction type platform, the company claims to sell top merchandise from overseas warehouses at significantly reduced prices. That said, there are a disturbing amount of complaints regarding one DealExtreme scam or another, mostly centered on bait-and-switch tactics and over-billing on shipping fees.

Complaints and negative reviews

I've done a lot of investigations on bargain sites, but I've rarely seen one with as many online complaints as A quick Google search reveals countless warnings regarding inflated shipping fees. Many customers claim their credit cards were over-billed, and most of these are accompanied with complaints regarding poor customer service and outright refusals to refund excessive charges.

There's also more than one DealExtreme review referring to bait-and-switch tactics in which the company sells an item under a false image that doesn't match the actual one they end up shipping to the buyer.

Final verdict

In my experience, you'll find at least a few negative comments associated with every online marketplace; however, when you find a significant amount, there's reason for alarm. Through my research, I've also discovered some overly-positive reviews regarding Deal Extreme as a reputable place to score great bargains. Most of the time, these types of sites and posts are placed by the companies themselves to bury negative complaints in search results and paint the businesses in a positive light.

In the end, I wouldn't recommend to consumers simply based on the fact that it offers name-brand products that normally cost hundreds to thousands of dollars for outrageously low prices. It's simply not rationale to expect any company to have the ability to routinely offer these types of bargains. The pervasiveness of negative feedback only serves to bolster this sentiment.