Bargain hunters, beware. The Internet is filling fast with all sorts of schemes aimed at enticing consumers with promises of hot deals that ultimately disappear before their eyes. One company named E Bid claims to offer its members a chance at big savings; however, there are several complaints regarding an eBid scam. Is this company legitimate? Read the following online auction review.

Not a penny auction

Penny auction sites, such as QuiBids and SkoreIt, openly advertise during televised sporting events and late-night programming; however, this doesn't mean they're legitimate. These sites use all sorts of tricks to swindle consumers out of their hard-earned cash - one reason why the Better Business Bureau has named these types of online auctions in their list of top ten scams. That said, E Bid is not a penny auction site. In fact, the company's business model is a lot more like eBay's, which basically provides a platform for buyers and sellers to barter for goods.

Founded in London, UK, uses a European-based currency; however, it does accept PayPal; so most bidders and sellers can participate regardless of their individual locations.

Is there an eBid Scam?

Although E Bid isn't a penny auction site like MadBid or Beezid, it has received some negative attention. A brief web search reveals complaints from current and former members regarding problems with refunds and poor customer service. A look at the site reveals that the company does not include a telephone number in its contact information. This is usually a red flag; however, that said, doesn’t appear to have near as many online complaints as other online auction sites, such as Bidz and Bid or Buy. Additionally, most of the complaints are similar to those you might find for any reputable brick-and-mortar department store.

An important consideration

All in all, this eBid review isn't really positive or negative. If you're comfortable working with a company that refuses to post telephone contact information; then have at it. Personally, I wouldn't recommend giving your credit card information to any organization that appears to hide behind vague contact information, especially one located outside the United States.

If you do choose to participate, be aware of one potential e Bid scam. The actual website is located at and not Apparently, the company owns the former but not the latter. Don't mistake one for the other, or you may end up getting ripped off by an unknown entity.