These days, consumers are looking for all sorts of bargains on high-end merchandise, and websites are popping up all over to meet the rising demand. Unfortunately, not all of these deals sites are created equally. Be advised that there are several online complaints regarding more than one LivingSocial scam. Before you use this site, read the following Living Social review.

What is it?

Similar to other bargain websites, offers buyers a chance to nab affordable goods and services, while letting vendors unload overstocked merchandise and gather new clients by allowing them to test their services at discount rates. Less like auction-type bargain sites, such as iOffer and eBid, LivingSocial is more similar Groupon, which offers coupons and discounts from vendors within a certain number of miles of the consumer's area.

Each day, Living provides offers to its members via email. If the member opts to purchase an item, a coupon or voucher is usually delivered via email the next business day. The company also allows members to participate in a referral program that gives them the chance to secure free items by encouraging their friends or acquaintances to sign up and/or buy vouchers.

Is Living Social Legit?

Although the company itself shows no signs of fraudulent or deceptive activity, the same cannot be said for all of the merchants who use the platform. A quick online search reveals countless complaints regarding one LivingSocial scam or another, in which vendors mislead members or fail to come through on their offers. There is also a long string of complaints regarding poor and/or slow customer service and inadequate vendor monitoring. Many current and former members have also complained that the company's referral program fails to give members credit from time to time.

In a nutshell

Ultimately, my Living Social review isn't necessarily positive or negative. Let's face it: most every company or website is going to have at least a few complaints here or there. That said, it's clear that, although it may not actively participate in deceptive practices, the company may not do enough to police the activity of its vendors. If you find Groupon's offerings a little weak, you may want to use every now and then. If you do, I would suggest taking a few moments to research the particular vendor associated with any one offering. That way, you will have a better idea of what to expect when you redeem your voucher.