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Critics Calling Xactilias Project the Year’s Best Book

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The story is unique. The reviews are great. The writing is even better. But, that’s not why so many people are talking about The Xactilias Project, a stunning literary thriller by RJ Lawrence, available in paperback and for Kindle at Amazon.

“In my opinion, it’s the best book of the year without a doubt,” says Ronald J. Bushwell of the HBC Literary Review. “The story is a roller-coaster ride, and the characters are great. The dialogue, the writing. It’s all first-rate.”

The Candid Book Review’s Sarah McDaniels agrees, calling The Xactilias Project fresh and inspired.

“We’re talking about a very unique story at a time when every book seems to be a rip off of something else,” McDaniels says. “This book is special for a lot of reasons. It’s entertaining as hell. It’s really well written, and it sticks with you long after you’ve finished reading.”

Released two months ago, The Xactilias Project didn’t land on store shelves with much fanfare. In fact, it went relatively unnoticed for the first few weeks. Then, huge interest began filtering through the literary community, as readers started buzzing about this original, stimulating tale about a genius named Claire Foley who finds herself swept up in a uniquely terrifying situation.

If you think the story sounds basic, prepare to have your doors blown off: Somewhere in the shadows, a mysterious organization manipulates Claire’s every move until she finds herself in their employ. That’s when things really get delightfully strange, and soon readers are turning pages furiously to see if this empathetic figure can use her incredible wits to escape her predicament.

“One of the great things about this book is its ability to merge great writing and literary merit with good old-fashioned commercial entertainment,” says Lois McGinty of The Best Books Journal. “Right now with only a month left in the year, I have The Xactilias Project at the top of my recommendation’s list, because it’s intelligent, a bit nerve-wracking and a whole lot of fun.”

Popular Thriller Is Getting a Sequel (And, We Have the Cover!)

Advertorial by Nathaniel Hutchinson

About a month ago, fans were thrilled to learn that The Xactilias Project was getting a sequel.

Now, there’s even more reason for excitement, with the release of the cover.

According to author RJ Lawrence, “The Xactilias Stratagem” will be gracing bookshelves before July, 2018.

While the plot of the book is still unknown, Lawrence said it will continue the story of Claire Foley and the dark organization that haunts her every move.

Although an official synopsis is not expected anytime soon; Lawrence has chosen to release the cover art for the second Xactilias book now.

Big Reason for Excitement

parttwoWith an ever-growing fan base, The Xactilias Project has earned considerable praise from critics, such as the Best Book Journal’s Lois McGinty, who calls the book “tense, fascinating and beautifully written.”

Now, like countless other readers, McGinty is eagerly anticipating the arrival of the sequel.

“The first book was really a classic thriller,” says McGinty. “It’s no wonder so many people are excited about a part two. You can count me right along with them.”

Ronald J. Bushwell of the HBC Literary Review agrees, calling the news a really big announcement.

“Although there were rumors that a sequel would be made, no one knew for sure,” he said. “The first book was thrilling, suspenseful and unforgettable. So, we’re all very interested to see what comes next.”

Gripping Thriller Describes a Trumpian-like Dystopia


Advertorial by Nathaniel Hutchinson

“Have you noticed any insects behaving strangely? Avoiding you perhaps?” From its intriguing first line to its thrilling finish, The Xactilias Project keeps readers captivated with a spellbinding plot and roller-coaster story.

But, what has readers and critics talking is the book’s Trumpian-like dystopia, where truths are uncertain and power is king.

“In my opinion, it’s the best book of the year without a doubt,” says Ronald J. Bushwell of the HBC Literary Review. “It’s also a timely story, which serves as a warning of how things could be if we continue to leave power unchecked.”

The Candid Book Review’s Sarah McDaniels agrees, calling The Xactilias Project fresh and inspired.

“This book is special for a lot of reasons. It’s entertaining as hell. It’s really well written, and it sticks with you long after you’ve finished reading.” McDaniels says. “It also contains some eerily relevant content that will make the hairs on your neck stand up.”

Set in what appear to be modern times, The Xactilias Project focuses on Claire Foley, a quiet genius that has no idea she is being watched. The watchers? A shadowy organization with mysterious motives and unlimited influence.

Teased with the prospect of vague opportunities, Claire is forced to consider a nebulous offer. After some truly terrifying encounters, however, it becomes disturbingly clear that the people behind the organization are not asking, but demanding.

Soon, Claire is thrust into a bizarre environment, where geniuses become slaves, and strange figures make unsettling plans for the people of the world. Confronted by danger, a deepening mystery, and one shocking revelation after another, she must find a way to escape the inescapable, before they hijack her gifts to do something unimaginable.

The Xactilias Project is a definite must-read,” says Bushwell. “Without giving away too much, it’s safe to say this book paints a troubling picture of what might be if we don’t start questioning the leadership in this country.”

Kindle Book Review: New Thriller an Instant Classic

Advertorial by Nathaniel Hutchinson

Long anticipated, The Xactilias Project has finally arrived at Amazon, and it was well worth the wait.

In short, this uniquely intriguing thriller is an immersive, very well-written roller-coaster ride with surprises around every corner.

From the incredible opening line (“Have you noticed any insects behaving strangely? … Avoiding you perhaps?”) to the pulse-pounding finish, each chapter sucks readers deeper and deeper into a spell-binding world, filled with mystery, danger and one surprising revelation after another.

It all starts with Claire Foley, a fascinating genius who spends her days working in the safe confines of a university research facility. Somewhere in the shadows, a mysterious organization has watched her from afar. When the time is right, the organization begins manipulating Claire’s every move until she finds herself in their employ. That’s when things really get delightfully strange, and soon readers are turning pages feverishly to see if this compelling figure can use her incredible talents to escape her predicament.

On sale for half-price in digital format at Amazon, The Xactilias Project is also available in audio and print. If you’re looking for a game-changer for your weekend reading list, this is the book for you.

Struggling to Get a Mortgage? Here’s Some Help


The real estate market has been struggling for a while for a variety of reasons, leading to plummeting home values and a lot of empty properties. There’s growing belief that rising rental prices will lead to an upsurge in homebuying; however, numerous Americans are struggling to get a mortgage, because they cannot meet the modern demands of picky lenders. If you’re planning to apply for a home loan, be aware of the following:

Times Have Changed

Before the real estate crisis, banks gave loans to almost anyone. These days, that’s not the case. To get a mortgage in today’s market, you will need to meet some strict requirements. This means you will probably need to have a very good credit score, a solid job and enough money to put toward a hefty down payment. Most importantly, you must prove that you can afford the loan, or you will have no chance for approval.

Some Important Tips

Often, when prospective buyers approach a lender, they have no idea what they are getting into. Before you do anything, it’s important to get a free copy of your credit report to check for inaccuracies. If you find any, get them corrected. You should also use a mortgage calculator to figure out what you can actually afford. This will help ensure that you aren’t declined for applying for a loan that’s out of your reach.

Once you get involved with the loan process, don’t do anything that could hurt your chances. Don’t apply for any form of new credit; this can throw off your debt-to-income ratio and make you look bad in the eyes of lenders. Also, don’t change jobs, even if the new opportunity pays more. Banks want a long, stable history of employment and shiver at the thought of instability.

Finally, if you are struggling to get a mortgage, check out local and federal first time buyer programs. Their requirements are far more lenient than those imposed by private lenders. Many also offer second mortgages which can be used to pay for down payments and closing costs.

Finding the Right Local Internet Marketing Company for SEO


Nowadays, it can be hard for businesses to attain new customers unless they have a good web presence. Few people rely on the yellow pages in today’s modern world; instead, most look to Google to find service providers in their areas. The right local Internet marketing company can help businesses improve search engine rankings; so their customers can find them. Unfortunately, the wrong one could actually make a company go belly up.

Why it Matters

Research has demonstrated that most people tend to view only the first couple of pages of Google’s search results. This means companies that rank too low to appear on these pages tend to remain unnoticed, no matter how good they are at what they do. A good search engine optimization company can boost a business’s rankings; however, according to Ryan Lawrence of Ethical SEO Internet Marketing, a disreputable SEO firm could actually do serious harm.

“Years ago, SEO professionals used “black hat” tactics to try to fool Google’s algorithms and improve their clients’ rankings,” he said. “Nowadays, Google is watching closely for these tricks, and if your local Internet marketing company uses them, your business will be penalized severely.”

Damaging to Businesses

Recently, both and JC Penny received big penalties from Google, thanks to some unethical marketing tactics used by a firm they hired. In the end, both companies saw their rankings drop substantially. It will take years for them to regain their old positions, and millions of dollars will be lost in the meantime.

“If a firm uses unethical strategies to get your website higher rankings, you will be caught; make no mistake,” Lawrence said. “When this occurs, the search engine optimization firm will keep your money, and you will be left to endure the consequences.”

Choosing a Good Local Internet Marketing Company

According to Lawrence, business owners should look for two main qualities when hiring someone to market their local businesses online.

“First, you must ask how they will promote your company,” he said. “If they won’t tell you, be wary. Nowadays, the best way to enhance rankings is by generating content in the form of informative on-site and off-site articles. At Ethical SEO Internet Marketing, we employ a staff of experienced, professional journalists that specialize in writing newsworthy features that promote our clients’ businesses. These features attract links to our clients’ websites, which inevitably boosts their rankings. Because our journalists ghost write on behalf of the clients, the articles also promote the clients as experts in their specific fields. This is a very effective strategy, because it is exactly how Google wants companies to increase their rankings; so by following the rules and remaining ethical, we get risk-free, long-lasting results.”

Besides asking how a firm will go about improving rankings, Lawrence says companies should also try to avoid contracts.

“Most providers require contracts, but I’d recommend trying to find one that doesn’t.” he said. “In the end, a contract is going to protect the search engine optimization firm most of all, because it will ensure that it is paid regardless of whether it provides any real results.”

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