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Insanely Good Amazon Books from the Kindle Store

We’ve got some real gems in our weekly piece profiling the most noteworthy Amazon books from the Kindle store. As always, we’re looking for little-known gems that haven’t yet made it big. Unfortunately, many of these books rarely get the attention they deserve. At the same time, because readers tend to rely on best seller lists to find their next read, they often miss out on true diamonds in the rough, written by immensely talent authors who flounder in obscurity.

By profiling lesser-known must-reads, we aim to match readers and authors in a harmonious marriage of entertainment that will create new fans and new careers. Let’s start with a quality pick from the sci-fi realm:


In his Lovecraftian novel “Whom the Gods Would Destroy,” Brian Hodge takes readers on a bizarre journey into the human psyche, reimagining human history on a cosmic scale. An alluring blend of classic horror and science fiction highlight this twisted tale, which features a number of twists and shocking moments. (4 Stars at Amazon)


Recognized with a number of awards, RJ Lawrence’s “The Endeavor Project” tells of Claire Foley, a budding genius who attracts the attention of a mysterious organization, which aims to keep its true nature secret to the people it seeks to control. As she sinks into a deepening mystery, Claire stumbles upon a myriad of fascinating and bizarre discoveries that will leave readers with breathless anticipation. (5 Stars at Amazon)

Literary Fiction

A popular thriller author with numerous fans, Kristin Hannah has stretched outside her comfort zone in “The Nightingale,” which is both a thinker and tear-jerker. Creating an epic panorama of WWII, she tracks Vianne Mauriac, wartime wife, who must live with occupying Nazis to save her family from certain death. Beautiful and heartbreaking, this daring book celebrates the durability of women and resilience of the human spirit. (4 Stars at Amazon)

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