Beating Insomnia with Alternative Strategies


Millions of Americans have difficulty going to sleep and/or staying asleep. This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as a stressful life event, a sleeping disorder or what’s known as poor sleep hygiene. Most of the time, lifestyle changes can help resolve sleeping troubles; however, in some cases, problems can become chronic. Beating insomnia can be difficult, but there are some alternative methods that could prove helpful.

Blue Light Filters

Our bodies have evolved to be sensitive to the blue component of natural sunlight. When we are exposed to this light, we produce less melatonin; when we are kept from it, we produce more. Unfortunately, modern televisions, computers and florescent light bulbs emit blue light which can interfere with our bodies’ production of melatonin. You can filter out this light by attaching filters to your laptops, televisions iPads and iPhones. If this sounds like too much trouble, you can also buy a pair of blue light filtering glasses to wear in the evening. For many people, this one simple strategy can be the key to beating insomnia permanently.


While some studies have found that Acupuncture can effectively relieve some ailments, other studies have found that it offers very little relief for others. Fortunately, research suggests it is beneficial to people who suffer from chronic insomnia. When comparing actual acupuncture treatments to so-called “sham” acupuncture in which subjects receive the placebo effect of fake acupuncture treatment, researchers have found that real treatments tend to offer very real help.

Sleep Hygiene

Although some people have great difficulty beating insomnia, most sleep better when they make subtle lifestyle changes. If you are having trouble sleeping, read over these tips to beat insomnia. They provide good advice on how you can get more shut eye by improving your sleep hygiene.

By Paul A. Achoa (34 Posts)

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