Authors like Michael Crichton

There are few authors like Michael Crichton; however, if you like his books, you may enjoy the following authors and novels: Shell Game by Steve Alten, Darwin’s Radio by Greg Bear, The Amber Room by Steve Berry, The Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell, Treasure of Khan by Clive Cussler, Utopia by Lincoln Child, and Whiteout by Ken Follett.

Crichton’s books are typically action-based and feature a lot of technology. If you’re a fan of the techno-thriller genre, the previously-mentioned novels may provide you with the same sort of entertainment value as some of Michael’s works.

By Lois McGinty
Author, Book Publisher

    Other Similar Authors

  • Some who like Crichton also enjoy Matthew Glass’s Ultimatum.
  • A Five Year Plan by Philip Kerr is similar to some of Michael’s work.
  • You should also consider The First Patient by Michael Palmer.

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