How to Fix Rust

Rust happens when metal is left exposed to water and oxygen. Some metal is galvanized to protect it from rust; some metallic surfaces are not. When oxidation sets in, you must act quickly to keep it from spreading. To effectively fix rust, you need to remove as much of the oxidation as possible, using friction-based abrasion and/or a rust converter. Afterward, you need to seal the area to prevent a recurrence. Learn how to repair rust the right way, or you’re liable to see a recurrence at some point in the near future.

By Jim Dugan
Professional Contractor
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    Tips & Warnings

  • Painting alone won’t seal rust; be sure to use a rust-proof primer before applying paint.
  • Car rust repair is best left to professionals; however, you may be able to get adequate results using rust-inhibitive touch-up primer and paint.

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