Painting over Wallpaper

Painting over wallpaper isn’t particularly difficult as long as you prepare the surface for its new finish. Generally, wallpaper won’t hold a painted finish unless it is conditioned using abrasion methods. This means sanding the wallpaper until it feels slightly gritty. Before you slap a new latex finish onto a wallpapered surface, learn how to paint wallpaper like the professionals do, or flaking and peeling are bound to result. Dedicate yourself to the preparation process, or you will have little chance at achieving optimal results.

By Jim Dugan
Professional Contractor
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    Tips & Warnings

  • Never use sandpaper with a grit lower than 220, or you may tear the wallpaper.
  • If the wallpaper has especially bright patterns or designs, you may want to use a stain-blocking primer to prevent bleed-through.

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