Can I Paint Ceramic Tile Floors?

You can paint ceramic tile floors if you employ the proper prep and finishing techniques. This kind of surface is nonporous and relatively slick, two traits that make it poorly suited for adhesion. If you fail to condition the surface, peeling will ultimately occur.

To generate adequate adhesion, abrade the ceramic tile to make the surface rougher. This is best accomplished by scouring the floor with sandpaper. If the sandpaper is too coarse, it will cut noticeable grooves in the surface that may show up through the finish coat. To prevent this, choose sandpaper with a grit between 220- and 300.

After you’ve sanded the tiles, you must add a coat of primer before you paint. Never paint ceramic tile floors unless they’ve been adequately primed, or finish failure will prove inevitable. An acrylic primer is best-suited for this particular project.

Once the primer coat has dried for about two hours, paint tile floors with either an epoxy coating or acrylic floor paint. Don’t even think about using ordinary latex paint, or fading and flaking are likely to occur.

Jim Dugan has over 20-years of experience as a professional contractor.

By Jim Dugan
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