Losing Weight with a Stepper

Q: My friend says she’s lost a ton of weight stepping, and I’d like to follow her lead. Is losing weight with a stepper a fast diet plan, or will it take a long time for me to see results?

A: Stepping is a great way to drop unwanted pounds; however, you aren’t likely to lose weight fast or at least not any faster than you would jogging or running. Though highly effective at burning calories, stepping isn’t going to provide quicker results than any other aerobic activity will. On the other hand, if you enjoy this type of exercise, you may be less prone to quitting.

To effectively lose weight using a stepper, try exercising in intense intervals with short breaks in between. This has proved effect in many studies, because it is thought to shock the body and prevent it from easily adapting.

For best results, do a single set of step-ups as quickly as you can for about one minute. Then, rest for 15 seconds and repeat the process. You can change it up according to your individual needs and fitness level. Just be sure to get a thorough physical before beginning any new workout routine and couple your stepping exercises with a sensible, high-fiber diet.

Paul A. Achoa is a health and fitness expert and not a licensed physician.

By Paul A. Achoa
Health & Fitness Expert

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