The Dukan Diet Food List

Q: I’ve heard about a fancy new menu Kate Middleton supposedly used to fit into her wedding dress. What is it, and will it work for me?

A: You’re referring to the Dukan Diet food list, a menu created by a French physician to go along with an eating strategy meant to change dietary habits and promote weight loss. Although this menu is designed to encourage healthy habits and promote healthy body fat ratios, it’s not meant to be used alone.

In addition to the menu, dieters are required to go through three preliminary stages of eating. In the initial Dukan Diet attack phase, dieters eat only lean meats, water and oat bran. During the second and third phases, they start eating specific fruits, vegetables and other types of whole grain foods. Finally, once they enter the fourth phase, dieters are allowed to eat pretty much anything as long as it’s found on this Dukan Diet allowed food list.

Remember that, although this weight loss strategy has proved successful for many people, it is predicated on strict adherence to the program. If you choose to stray from the plan, you aren’t likely to successfully reach your dieting goals.

Additionally, you shouldn’t begin eating from the Dukan Diet food list until you’ve met all the requirements of the first three phases; otherwise, you are likely to have limited success that will ultimately lead you to quit too soon. You should also commit to a regular exercise program that includes cardiovascular workouts or consistent walking, depending on your age and physical abilities. Finally, you should always meet with a physician to have your health checked before you adopt any type of new exercise or dieting plan.

Paul A. Achoa is a health and fitness expert and not a licensed physician.

By Paul A. Achoa
Health & Fitness Expert

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