What is The Dukan Diet Attack Phase?

Q: I heard that Kate Middleton ate a special diet called the Dukan Diet attack phase to help her fit into her wedding dress. What is this plan and could it work for me?

A: You are referring to a single portion of a greater dieting plan invented by a French physician. Although an important part of this eating strategy, this phase is not intended to be used alone as a way to meet weight loss goals.

The Dukan Diet attack phase is the first of a four-part program aimed at changing the way people eat. During this stage, dieters eat only oat bran and protein-rich meats, while drinking plenty of water. After five weeks, this phase ends, and dieters are supposed to then move on to the next phase.

During the second and third phases, dieters keep eating lean-protein, water and oat bran, but also slowly introduce certain types of vegetables and more varieties of whole grain foods. Once they’ve pushed past the first three phases, dieters are instructed to eat from an allowed food list for the rest of their lives.

Although the attack phase may result in rapid weight loss, it isn’t necessarily a healthy way to eat and should be limited in duration and supported with the final three stages of the Dukan Diet.

Paul A. Achoa is a health and fitness expert and not a licensed physician.

By Paul A. Achoa
Health & Fitness Expert

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