Can I Delete Recently Viewed Netflix History?

From time to time, subscribers might wish to delete recently view Netflix history data from their account to prevent others from knowing what they’ve watched. Unfortunately, the company has yet to incorporate this type of technology, and the issue has left many frustrated subscribers asking ‘where can I watch movies on the Internet without having to expose my choices?’

Many Netflix subscribers have complained that they’re been made to feel uncomfortable when their children, spouses and friends have been allowed to see what they’ve recently watched via streaming technology on their television. According to Netflix, movie licensing companies will not allow them to disable recent history, because they want this information to use in marketing campaigns. To date, Netflix hasn’t been able to find a way to remedy this issue, and many customers have fled to competing streaming providers in response.

What you can do

Although you cannot delete your Netflix history, you can set up a secondary account under the main one and alter the password to protect your privacy. Unfortunately, there aren’t many other options at this time, and other competing companies, such as Blockbuster, have similar problems.

By Sarah McDaniels
Technology Expert