How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

Wedding photos are a critical part of any celebration, because they allow you to relive all the special moments and emotions years after the celebration has concluded. Sadly, research suggests that many brides and grooms spend too little on this fundamental necessity, instead focusing the bulk of their budgets on catering, flowers, makeup, decorations and drinks.

New York Magazine recently published a survey which asked about 100 brides to name the biggest disappointments associated with their ceremonies. While each expressed a wide variety of regrets, the vast majority said they would have spent more on wedding photography if they could do things again.

According to Arnaud Brichet, who owns the Punta Cana wedding photography company HDC Photo, this isn’t a surprising statistic. In fact, he says most people tend to undervalue their photographer, because they are too fixated on the moment.

“It’s common for brides and grooms to concentrate their focus on the ceremony and reception, because they are so excited about the upcoming event,” he said. “That said, many don’t realize that everything happens so quickly. It’s like a whirlwind that can be difficult to remember. That’s why they need quality photographs and videos to help them re-experience all the special moments.”

Unfortunately, many photographers do a poor job of capturing weddings, because they tend to take overly-orchestrated photos that appear unnatural. To ensure that they are getting quality service, Brichet says brides and grooms should seek personable candidates who ask plenty of questions.

“The best services are going to have photographers who get to know their clients,” he said. “They need to ask questions and learn exactly what the client wants and expects. Our Punta Cana wedding photography service is successful, because we take time to talk with each and every one of our clients.”

To get a better idea of what they can expect, brides and grooms should also ask to see plenty of samples. According to Brichet, a service should have a wide array of photographs in its portfolio.

“The best professionals have versatile skills,” he said. “Be sure to take time to go through their portfolios to get a clear idea of what you can expect. It may seem time consuming, but your photos and videos will be the only thing left after the ceremony and reception have concluded. In the end, your pictures are going to be the only link between you and the powerful emotions of that special day.”

By Sarah McDaniels (19 Posts)

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